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Present Global

We ask the ‘why’ of a Brand then strategise, name, define the essence, develop a logo, and determine how a Brand looks, ‘talks and behaves.
We encapsulate the Brand personality and promise in a ‘tag line’ and then create memorable communications.
Or we will refresh and revive an existing Brand.

We ‘humanise’ a Brand to strengthen consumer relationships and loyalty, with arresting visuals, create strong ideas that support the Brand story and build on Brand equity.

In communication environments where the attention span is literally ‘micro moments’ we bring a creative ‘fusion’ of the disciplines of traditional Brand and Retail advertising with creating a ‘Brand story’ across all media and digital platforms.

As the major device becomes the smart phone we advocate the use of video.

Writing and producing award winning, accountable advertising and corporate movies, gives the experience to produce simple Brand stories for websites, digital newsletters, Instagram, Facebook and Youtube.