• Philip Gjedsted

Turn the WHY of your Brand into a WOW of a brand.

I have a history of creating International award-winning and highly memorable advertising and communications.
I work, without boundaries, specializing in Brand Creation, Advertising, Corporate Films, and digital media.
As your Brand Guardian, I ensure consistency of story and idea across all media.

I was the Creative Director of 2 of Australia’s most successful Advertising agencies.
MOJO (Melbourne Office)- one of Australia’s most famous branding agencies and MATTINGLY DY&R - the largest creative retail agency in the Southern Hemisphere. I have invaluable experience in memorable brand advertising and accountable retail advertising.
I have been voted in Australia’s top 20 Copywriters.
I served on the judging committee of Australia’s two most prestigious advertising awards.
I am now an independent consultant throughout South East Asia including India, Singapore, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Vietnam and Indonesia.


Creative Director at Globalphilms

Present Global

Globalphilms connects people to your brand and your brand to people through creating your own unique brand story.
Your brand has a story. A unique story.
Told well, it connects you with your market and builds strong brand loyalty and equity,

What makes your brand a ‘Wow Brand.’
The ‘Why’: Core values and mission.
The ‘Who’: Brand personality, your ‘look’, your own ‘language’, your behaviour, your promise.
The ‘How’: Brand strategy, making ‘your offering’ unique and defining target market.
The ‘What’: the ‘When’ and the ‘Where’, your market listens to, watches, reads etc.
The ‘Wow!’: creating your brand story with an idea, relevant and memorable that can be used across all media.