• Philip Gjedsted

I love creating distinctive branding then writing and creative directing communications for all media that are likeable, memorable and accountable.

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Writer/ Creative Director at Philms

Present Global

I can strategise, name, develop a logo, define core values, determine how a brand looks, ‘talks and behaves’, encapsulate the brand personality and promise in a ‘tag line’ and then create memorable communication materials.
Or extend, refresh and revive an existing brand.

As a writer I like to ‘humanise’ a brand to create relationships and, coupled with arresting visuals, create strong ideas that support the brand story.

In communication environments where the attention span is literally ‘micro moments’ I bring a creative ‘fusion’ of the disciplines of traditional brand and retail advertising with creating a ‘brand story’ across all media and digital platforms.

As the major device becomes the smart phone I advocate the use of video. Along with writing/producing broadcast advertising and corporate movies, I often shoot and produce simple videos for websites, digital newsletters, Instagram, Facebook and Youtube.