These are some blasts from the past when TV advertising had ideas.
The great lesson I got from advertising was continually asked by my mentors “what’s the idea?” and my own self questioning of relevance to the Brand personality and the “offer”. Obviously the media has changed to full on digital, but the old school approach of these basic questions is even more valid than ever in such a cluttered media environment. I often hear “I remember that” even though these ads were from a time long, long ago!

One of the first commercials I worked on. Perhaps more relevant each year!

Vegemite advertising had become predictable and in turn forgettable, so we asked for access to their film archives. We found a whole series of great black and white ads with the original soundtrack. We had an animation studio hand colour them. The result was hugely popular: the older generation loved the new approach to classics they remembered and the 'younger ones' loved the contemporary style.

The first ‘rap’ commercial produced in Australia. The line' Don't wrap it, PostPak it' was totally relevant to the product and actually entered the vernacular. It was an adventurous move for such an institution and actually helped humanise their image.

A simple but memorable visual of “Saying goodbye to some rather big money” .

Australia Post introduce a great way for everyone sending parcels “to save a lot of time”.

Kraft wanted to illustrate how oily and yucky a lot of competitive peanut butters were, enter “Mr Oily” who tries to convince our heroine to chose his Peanut Butter over Kraft Peanut Butter. The campaign became one of Kraft’s most popular and longest running campaigns and was continued by other teams after we created the first three ads in the campaign.

Written by a ‘freelancer’ under my creative direction during an exceptionally busy period… it met the level of idea we were looking for and was a memorable demonstration of the brand promise!

When children are grown ups and grown ups are children

There are many ways to do a taste test, this one left a lasting impression!

A low cost highly memorable commercial playing with stills

A lot of women love straight hair, our heroine carries this passion into her very life, creative career and of course her hair care .