It can be a hologram,
a big twenty-dollar note or even a shirt!
Think out side the square or rectangle.
Don’t let your Brand be “boxed” in by conventional thinking…
go beyond existing boundaries to make it more memorable!

One of the original hipsters points out the Playstation commandments.

A giant $20 note appeared in a highly visible, high traffic area beside traffic lights. Over a few days note was ‘ripped off’ to reveal our message. Was part of a campaign that also included television.

Australia’s first holographic poster. Positioned on bus shelter as you approached Sony Playstation symbols appeared and then disappeared as you walked away

Air New Zealand asked for a poster for their South Pacific Route, they got a shirt which became a poster, a uniform for staff on that route, and a give away to select clients.

Developed the Where the Best Things in Life are Free based on fact you don't use cash in the resorts

A simple demonstration of four wheel driving

Summing up the real estate category in Bali where good legal advice is often hard to come by.

A simple question that our chef had a great menu of answers for, again in a high traffic area.

Highlighting one of the unique treatments available at a resort.

When major Golf Tournaments were broadcast on ‘pay per view’ this mobile billboard appeared in selected neighborhoods accompanied by an on-the-spot sales team.

Poster and flyer promoting modality sessions at Beach Club repositioning as conscious centre

Some in-store signage for a ‘green’ store.