Corporate movies. Every successful business has a great story to tell.

Corporate movies usually have to covey a lot of information and audiences vary from investors, governments and even sometimes schools, so the necessity for a relevant idea is important to maintain viewer interest and involvement.

Corporate video for Vedanta India, one of the
world’s largest natural resources producers.
Idea: Musicians interaction demonstrates company culture
of working together for greater good.

Announcing a new digital service for Starhub Singapore

Seven minute video showing vertical and
horizontal integration of Essar companies.
Idea: Athletes carry company banner in a relay to show interconnectiveness of divisions.

Vedanta is one the world’s fastest growing developers of natural resources while cultivating a unique corporate culture.
Idea: The analogy of a Banyon Tree which acts as a
community centre and provides shelter and shade.

The story of the introduction of the dairy
industry into Vietnam.
Idea: Martial Arts Master teaches students about healthy body as an analogy to healthy business.