Many, many “corporate movies” are just plain boring. A relevant idea with your story, well told, is essential to maintain interest. Your corporate movie may need to covey a lot of information and, often, facts and as audiences can vary from investors, governments and schools, your story needs to be not just informative but entertaining and involving.

Corporate video for one of the world’s largest natural resources producers.
Idea: Musicians' interaction demonstrates the company culture of working together for the greater good.

Task: show vertical and horizontal integration of Essar companies.
Idea: Athletes carry company banners in a relay to show interconnectedness of divisions.

One of the world’s fastest-growing developers of natural resources cultivates a unique corporate culture.
Idea: The analogy of a Banyon Tree that acts as a
community centre and provides shelter and shade.

An edit using film libraries etc for an internal presentation of companies vision for the future.

Announcing a new digital service for Starhub Singapore

A rough story board for a projected new 'Academy' and health programme