Have your webs snare attention!

Websites written and creative directed working with site builders.
Most sites should have videos. Even just simple ones for social media which can include interviews with key people along with location and lifestyle insights.
The videos can be posted on a Brand’s own Youtube channel and then linked to social media platforms, digital newsletters, and displayed on-site in sales offices, etc.

The introduction for an event that was created to create connections and hold workshops and presentations for conscious subjects from numerous to innovative business models
I created the brand 'be.co' which lent itself to use in headlines and copy and also become an authority in creating future events.

A 'resort' for 'poshpackers' which has been another huge success story and is adding more resorts.

A holiday site that helps you select the ideal retreat for you.

A 'surf resort', name inspired after the surfer's quest for perfect waves.

A boutique resort that set the trend for stylish one-bedroom villas with the services of a first-class hotel.

'The relaunch of ' nightclub in Boston, USA…another success story!

The website fed by youtube with regularly updated videos.

An individual luxury villa that stands alone.

Italian flavoured web!

Repositioning villas into a wellness centre