be.connected be.conscious (password become)

We need to share a coffee for me to tell you this story!
It started as repositioning and rebranding a popular beach club, working with one of the partners. The new ‘program’ we designed was to feature daily healthy modalities, co-working, collaboration and conscious events including evening movies, performances and exhibitions.
I created the Brand name which could be adapted to multiple uses.
But just as we were about to launch, the club became a casualty of Covid and was abruptly closed.
I started to transfer the concept to a digital platform that would serve as a ‘center’ for conscious connection, information, and stimulation.
Then, the partner was offered the use of a sustainable resort which, operating under restrictions, could host ‘the concept’ as a live event.
So, the focus shifted back to bringing it into a physical site again.
That didn’t happen either!
This original website was to announce the event concept to potential participants to present workshops, seminars, activities etc. The next version of the site was to be extended to include profiles of presenters.
But I really don’t need to be.consoled, the good news is it still served as a source of connection for many things that are happening in Bali today.
So, hopefully, it’s a never-ending story!
The plan for the digital platform and associated ideas can be presented over the above-suggested coffee!